DOP oil
Frantoio Bartolini makes this oil by safeguarding its quality through the Denomination of Protected Origin (D.O.P.) Umbria, Colli Assisi – Spoleto.
The production specification guarantees that this oil is made using the Moraiolo (no less than 60%), Leccino and Frantoio varieties of olives, that are cultivated in Umbria using traditional methods.
It further guarantees that the entire process – from the maintenance of the olive groves, to the quantity of olives that can be obtained from each tree, to the harvest by hand when the olives are perfectly ripe, and to the traditional pressing methods – is carried out and controlled in order to reflect the very finest of Umbria’s oil-making culture and knowledge.
The oil’s golden-green color, its clear olive aroma, the intense fruity olive taste that creates a pleasantly spicy sensation of freshly-pressed olives that becomes more balanced after ripening: these are the characteristics that will be appreciated by everyone who tastes this Umbria D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil. 

Available in the following size: 500 ml, 750 ml

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500 ml

750 ml

Organoleptic sheet

ColourGolden green
FlavourDistinctly fresh olive with vegetal undertones
TasteIntensely fruity, with a pleasantly fresh tang, harmonious and balanced when mature