Farro ciriole with anchovy, wild fennel and bread crumbs


for 4

400g Bartolini farro ciriole
1 small bunch of wild fennel
anchovy fillets at taste (around 20)
Bartolini extra virgin olive oil
Bread crumbs q.s.
1 clove of garlic


Pour into a pan a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and add a clove of garlic to season the oil.
As soon as garlic is beginning to frizzle, add the anchovy fillets and the wild fennel and let them cook together for at least a minute.
In the meantime cook pasta in a pot of salty water.
At the end of cooking time, add pasta to the condiment and the bread crumbs that have been already toasted in another pan.
Then serve it up with a little bit of fresh wild fennel.