Farro ciriole with fava bean pesto and mint


for 4

350g Bartolini farro Ciriole
250g fresh shelled fava beans
75g pecorino cheese
1 clove of garlic
Fresh mint
Bartolini extra virgin olive oil


Shell the fava beans, put aside circa 50g and blend the remainder together with a little bit of salt and olive oil.
Add also the peeled garlic, the minced pecorino and the torn mint leaves. Blend until the mixture is creamy and uniform.
Add, if necessary, more oil to make the mixture even creamier and season to taste.
Boil pasta in salted water until al dente. Add a little bit of cooking water to pesto before coating the pasta in it.
Finally add the fava beans we had put aside and toss.
Add a drizzle of olive oil to taste and serve garnished with some fresh mint leaves and pecorino flakes.