Quality comes from an ancient Tradition

With passion, experience and artisanal skills, Bartolini’s family produces high quality extra virgin olive oil, legumes, cereals and pasta

Extra virgin Olive Oil

The cultivation of the olive trees is made personally by the Bartolini’s family, which puts its know-how, built in over 150 years of history, to use

Artisanal Pasta

The main characteristics of this pasta are its craftsmanship, that makes it unique and irregular, the bronze drawing and its digestibility. It is left, indeed, on wooden frame for drying it for 36 hours at low temperature

Legums and Cereals

The excellent quality of our products originates from the fields, with the care and experience in the selection of the seeds, in the choice of the processing times and of the harvesting periods


They make every meal even tastier! Discover all the selection of flavored olive oils and “bruschette”

Polenta and Flours

Our whole-grain farro, chickpea and buckwheat flours are perfect for the preparation of sweet and savory dishes.

Ready-to-use polenta, instead, stems from the need to prepare quickly simple and tasty dishes.