First Courses

Organic whole grain fettucce with black truffle

Organic whole grain penne with avocado, ginger and red pepper

Organic semolina fettucce with burrata, cherry tomatoes and aromatic herbs

Semolina ciriole with yellow tomatoes

Riccette with ricotta cheese and saffron

Tricolored fusilli with olives and cherry tomatoes

Semolina ciriole "alla Ternana"

Strangozzi with fresh fava beans, little squid and smocked ham powder

Recipe of the chef Rubina Rovini

Fusilli giganti with spinach cream and shrimp

Torcetti with eggplant cream and bread crumbs

Egg cirioline with mushrooms

Egg strangozzi with salmon and lime

Farro Ciriole with fava bean pesto and mint

Farro fettuccine with wild asparagus and red pepper

Farro penne with artichokes, feta cheese and mint

Recipe of the chef Rubina Rovini

Farro fettuccine with vegetable salad and bergamot

Recipe of the chef Rubina Rovini

Farro ciriole with anchovy, wild fennel and bread crumbs

Farro cameroni with cheese and black pepper

Farro fusilli giganti with basil pesto and cashews

Grandmother's tasty farro

Summery farro with aromatic caper brittle

Recipe of the chef Rubina Rovini

Quick cooking soup with Porcini mushrooms

Barley with cheese over a zucchini cream and crisp bacon

Barley with shrimps, fava beans and dried tomatoes