Whole-wheat flour is the least processed flour on the market because it is obtained by milling the whole grain. This is why wholemeal flour has a higher fibre content than all other types of flour. Bartolini's wholemeal flour is stone milled, the oldest milling system in existence, in which the spelt grain is crushed and ground as it passes between two rotating stone millstones.

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Farina di Ceci – 500g

An excellent alternative to wheat flour, chickpea flour is obtained by grinding the dried seeds of the chickpea. It is appreciated for its intense flavour and nutritional values: it is rich in minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, and in vegetable proteins. Dried chickpeas are stone ground to provide superior quality. The chickpea milling process involves refining, as it is essential to separate the bran. Excellent for savoury and sweet recipes.

Farina di Farro – 500g

Bartolini wholemeal spelt flour is obtained by stone milling the whole grain and is naturally a source of fibre. We only use quality spelt grown 100% in Italy. Dicoccum which is one of the oldest cereals cultivated by man, whose origins date back over 5000 years in the Fertile Crescent. Whole spelt flour is excellent for the preparation of bread, pizza and pasta.

Farina di Segale – 500g

Rye is a cereal common in temperate zones that is mainly differentiated into winter rye and summer rye. Wholemeal rye flour is very useful because it retains the properties and benefits of the grain and has different properties to wheat flour. Moreover, stone milling, an ancient milling art, allows the preservation of the cereal's nutritional principles. It is used for the preparation of bread, focaccia, pizza and fresh pasta.

Farina di Grano Saraceno – 500g

Buckwheat flour is characterised by its high biological value: it is rich in essential amino acids and fibre. It is one of the best alternatives to white flour, is gluten-free and can therefore be consumed by everyone, including those with coeliac disease.

Farina di Avena – 500g

La whole oat flour is obtained by milling the whole grain including the tegument, the nutrients remain intact, retaining all the nutritional potential that is a source of fibre, vitamins and minerals.