Here comes the annual appointment to taste Umbria's green gold.

Preparations are in full swing for the most eagerly awaited party of the season, the arrival of the new oil most loved by our customers.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoio Bartolini is getting ready to experience its new season.

Two days of new oil tasting.

On 6 and 7 November 2021 from 10.00 a.m. we will host you at our headquarters in Arrone, via della Grotta 24.

You will have the opportunity to taste our excellence free of charge on bruschetta bread, a perfect combination for the palate.

emilio bartolini oil tasting
Umbrian oil tasting

Is reservation necessary?

No, it is not necessary to book. Entrance to Frantoio Bartolini is free for all lovers of new oil!

Anti-Covid-19 regulations

Our tasting will be carried out in compliance with the current anti Covid-19 regulations.

Why is new oil good?

Bartolini oil is good and characteristic because it comes from 100% Italian olives, grown in our tradition-rich territories.

Since 1850, Mastro Oleario Emilio Bartolini has been searching for and selecting the best olives, guaranteeing hand-picking and cold extraction. This golden-green oil, with its clean olive fragrance and fruity flavour with herbaceous hints, is suitable for use as a condiment in any recipe, especially for grilled meat and fish.

Do you know our story?

In Umbria, olive cultivation has ancient roots dating back to Etruscan times and has always been associated with a simple and harmonious lifestyle that follows the rhythms of nature. It is in the Umbrian hills that the history of Frantoio Bartolini began, with the family business having been in operation for six generations.

Founded as a small oil mill with an animal-drawn millstone, our company has grown and expanded its production over the years, always maintaining direct control over the entire production chain of its products.

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